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Spaces for many uses

Paihola is a recreation area in North Karelia along the Pielisjoki River, where you can find 27,000 m² building square. Most of our premises are already rented, but there are still a few vacant properties.

Paihola_toimitila_Visign_Digitaalinen stailaus_Hierontatila.jpg


Free office space in Paihola Linna business park.

Size of offices from 10 m²

Price from €4.90/m²/month

Visign_Digitaalinen stailaus_varasto.jpg

Storage facilities

Warm storage space in Paihola's Kuurna building from €29/month.


Premises are available from 7m².


Nursing facilities

In Paihola Linna, you can immediately find a ready-made care space. The facilities can also be customized according to the needs of the company.


Meeting facilities

In Paihola, there is a meeting room for groups of up to 40 people. Neukari serves best like this. Groups of 12 people and the Ballroom is suitable for a larger group

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