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Cafe Kakkulaituri

CLOSED FROM SUMMER 2022! In summer, Paihola's visitors are served by a completely renovated summer cafe! The cafe has been run by young entrepreneurs for 7 years, whose pastries baked on the spot became very popular in 2021! The number of visitors to Paihola doubled compared to the previous year, and the number was a whopping 20,000 in two months.

Note We only accept card as a means of payment.

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Keittolounas lista:

Ma 1.7. Kanakeitto

Ti 2.7. Kasvissosekeitto

Ke 3.7. Kananuudelikeitto

To 4.7. Lohikeitto

Pe 5.7. Kanatacokeitto

La 6.7. Naudanliha gulassikeitto

Ma 8.7. Kasvissosekeitto

Ti 9.7. Kananuudelikeitto

Ke 10.7. Lohikeitto

To 11.7. Kanatacokeitto

Pe 12.7. Naudanliha gulassikeitto

La 13.7. Kanakeitto

Ma 15.7. Kananuudelikeitto

Ti 16.7. Lohikeitto

Ke 17.7. Kanatacokeitto

To 18.7. Naudanliha gulassikeitto

Pe 19.7. Kanakeitto

La 20.7. Kasvissosekeitto

Ma 22.7. Lohikeitto

Ti 23.7. Kanatacokeitto

Ke 24.7. Naudanliha gulassikeitto

To 25.7. Kanakeitto

Pe 26.7. Kasvissosekeitto

La 27.7. Kananuudelikeitto

Our efficient team

Lydia Väänänen

Puh: 044 972 6864

I am the kitchen manager of the summer cafe, I welcome every customer with joy. My helpfulness often brightens the customer's day.


Helmi Mäki

Puh: 040 668 6357

I work with Lyydia as the kitchen manager of the summer cafe. I am an enthusiastic and personable customer service person.

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