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Cafe Kakkulaituri

CLOSED FROM SUMMER 2022! In summer, Paihola's visitors are served by a completely renovated summer cafe! The cafe has been run by young entrepreneurs for 7 years, whose pastries baked on the spot became very popular in 2021! The number of visitors to Paihola doubled compared to the previous year, and the number was a whopping 20,000 in two months.

Note We only accept card as a means of payment.

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Our efficient team

Lydia Väänänen

Puh: 044 972 6864

I am the kitchen manager of the summer cafe, I welcome every customer with joy. My helpfulness often brightens the customer's day.


Helmi Mäki

Puh: 040 668 6357

I work with Lyydia as the kitchen manager of the summer cafe. I am an enthusiastic and personable customer service person.

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