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Caravan travel park

The 24-seat area is located in a beautiful location on the shore of Pielisjoki. Travel park with campsite services.

The park is closed during the winter season, it will open again in April!

BestPark Paihola is located in a beautiful natural area on the shore of Pielisjoki in Kontiolahti municipality. Paihola is locatedee about 20 kilometers from the center of Joensuu and 60 kilometers from Kol. The former hospital area hides a fascinating history of the mental hospital. Nowadays, Paihola is known as a spectacular recreation area.

At BestPark Paihola, you can use the BestPoint maintenance module, which you can use to conveniently drain the waste water and greywater, as well as freshwater filling. The park's customers can also use the maintenance rooms with toilets and showers found in the area.

There are activities and things to see in the Paihola area for everyone. A spectacular 18-hole frisbee golf course winds through the area, which runs partly in the park and partly in the forest.There are also up to three nature trails of different lengths in Paihola's forests, which are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. There is also a large campfire site along the nature trail, where you can also fit a larger group. In summer, customers are served by Kesäkahvila Kakkulaituri, which has been completely renovated for the summer of 2022. Read the activities on the page, what you can do in beautiful North Karelia. A landscape sauna can also be booked separately in the area. Sauna reservation instructions can be found belowa:

Sauna shift for those who have reserved the park In Paihola's landscape sauna €15/hour

with code BESTPARK


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