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Paiholan historia

Precious environment, more precious life.

Tällä sivulla kerrotaan alueen mielenkiintoinen historia ja nykytilanne napakassa tarinamuodossa.

Paihola before

"Paihola, not a crazier village!"

We live in 1944, the war has just ended and the time of peace has arrived. The border of our beloved homeland has moved westward, and many important things for our Finland have remained behind the border. So is the Pälksaari hospital in the beautiful scenery on the shore of Lake Pälkjärvi. However, the hospital must be brought to the Finnish side, because there is a lot of need at this time. Pälksaari hospital will be "moved" to the small village of Paihola, in the middle of nature, in the middle of peace. After the hospital is completed on the Finnish side, operations are very self-sufficient, as the area includes, for example, a greenhouse, a piggery, a barn, potato fields, grain fields, bakeries and weaving mills. We think that work can take care of people's minds. In the morning, men and women go to the field, to the barn, to the weaving mill, do the day's work and receive a small salary.


This is how we people were treated!

Paihola today

"Paihola, what a wonderful recreation village!"

Nowadays, Paihola has turned into a recreation area, whose visitors can find many different activities in the area, such as an 18-lane Frisbee golf course, a scenic sauna for rent, a summer cafe, barbecue places, places to stay, nature trails, sledding hills, a ski trail, a marina, a bear park, meeting rooms, animals in the summer and many other things. In the midst of the peace of nature, activities calm people down.

Come relax and calm down in the heart of nature

This is how we people are treated!

Paihola in old pictures

Maapadon pohjaa tasataan.JPG
Rantapadon edusta.JPG
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