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Biking routes

Paihola's constantly developing recreation area offers its visitors a wide range of activities. In winter, you will find great ski slopes and long sledding hills in the area. The grills are also open in winter. In the summer, you can come to the area for coffee, lunch, exercise, meetings, swimming and sports.

  • Distance 4.8 km in one direction

  • Time 15 min

  • Guidance

  • Description:

    • The route runs along the asphalted old Paihola beach road

    • The endangered Saimaa lake salmon juvenile production area, which will be completed in 2020.

    • Rare upward-opening canal gates, see and experience the descent and ascent of boats

    • Rent a bike or take your own to Paihola and discover the wonderful route of the Lauri stream


Lauri virta 

Bike route | Difficulty level: Easy

  • Distance 11 km in each direction

  • Time 34 min

  • Guidance:Google Maps bike route from Paihola to mönni bridge

  • Description

    • The wonderful route runs along the river bank and in the middle of the wonderful countryside. On the way there is a long catfish bridge crossing the Pielisjoki, from which there is a wonderful view of the river. 

Mönni's route

Bike route | Difficulty level: medium

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